Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The online portal doesn't seem to be working, and I am not able to upload my notes, what do I do?

A: Please try again later on in the day, or by using a different browser. If after 24 hours, you are not able to upload your notes, please let us know by emailing

Q: The course I am note taking for is not listed within the online portal, what do I do?

A: If you do not see the course you are note taking for in your list of available courses, please email us at

Q: A student in the class or the professor of the class has asked for a copy of my notes, is it okay for me to share the notes with anyone else?

A: As difficult as it may be to say 'no' to another student in the class, or the professor, note takers are not to share the notes with anyone other than SAS staff or the student who is to receive the notes. Note taking is a support that is paid for by the student for disability-related reasons, and therefore, the notes are not to be utilized in any other way. If you find yourself in a situation similar to this, and you feel uncomfortable saying 'no', please encourage the individual or professor to contact us at, and we will follow up with the concerns.

Q: I can no longer note take for a course that I am matched with, what do I do?

A: Please contact as soon as you are aware that you will no longer be able to note take for the course you are matched with. We will find another match for your course as soon as possible so not to disrupt services for the student(s).