Welcome to the Note Taking Services Portal!

To upload your notes, please select the Courses/Notes option in the menu at the top of this page.

A few things to remember...

Logging In

USE the email prefix as username, NOT FULL ADDRESS. For example: jsmith123. Your password is the same as the WebAdvisor and Blackboard password.


  1. Please ensure that your notes have a header that includes the course code(not course title) and the date of the lecture.

  2. All notes should be uploaded within 48 hours of the lecture.

  3. When uploading notes to the portal, please ensure that your file name has been saved in the following format:

Ex:: BIOL 1006 (September 9, 2014) - Course Code (Full Date)


If unable to attend class, it is the note sharer or note taker's responsibility to advise the SAOs and proceed to find a replacement set of notes.

Suggestions include:

  • Asking someone else they know or contacting other students
  • Asking the professor 

You may review the Note Taking Services training in Blackboard at any time.