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Accommodations - Review and Confirm


Returning Students:

If you are a returning student with a permanent disability and have registered with our office before, you can immediately request your course accommodations using the tools in this section.

If you do not require changes to your accommodations, they will immediately be approved, and the letters will be sent to your faculty.

If you do require changes, your Accessibility Consultant will contact you and begin the process to update your accommodation plan. You will need to meet with your Accessibility Consultant as part of this process. If you would like you can book your own meeting using the Book an Appointment module in the portal.


Please do not begin to submit your accommotion requests until the dates indicated in the table below. 

Term Submit Accommodations Date
FALL 2023 Active Now
WINTER 2024 January 3rd 2024

Some instructors are not assigned in our database until closer to course start dates, we ask that students submit accommodation requests just a few weeks before the upcoming term.

Letters of Accommodation:

Once the accommodation renewal request has been approved your instructor will receive an email and instructions on how to access your accommodation letter.

You are also able to access your own Letters of Accommodation on this website at any time once your request has been approved. 

Click the 'Accommodations' button in the main menu to get started. 

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact your Accessibility Consultant or e-mail